Websites 101

Kyle Waters

President UGOTTA

Websites 101

< Intro To The Internet >

The Internet

  • Internet
    • Servers typically act as "sites" on the internet
    • Routers, Gateways, Modems, Switches, Hubs regulate the flow of internet "traffic" kind of like four way stops, freeway on ramps, navigation signs, traffic lights, etc
  • Servers
    • Special "server" Software is installed on servers
    • Servers are generally always on
    • Servers often are built of special hardware for two reasons
      • Needs to be of higher quality to meet always on needs
      • Designed to fit in special cabinets with other servers
      • Servers often have multiple harddrives(as well as other hardware) that serve as backups in case one goes bad
  • Clients
    • Client software for many internet protocols is usually installed on most desktop machines
  • A webbrowser(such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) is the most commonly known internet client

Application Level Internet Protocols

  • protocols are developed by an international standards body
  • http
    • hyper-text transfer protocol
    • the protocol of "the world wide web"
    • servers:apache,iis,iplanet,tinyhttp
    • clients:firefox,internet explorer,opera,safari
  • https
    • the secure protocol for the world wide web
  • smtp
    • used to send email and exchange it between servers
    • servers:postfix,exchange,sendmail,exim
    • clients:thunderbird,outlook,eudora,pegasus
  • pop
  • imap
    • used by email clients to retrieve email that has been receieve by a smtp server
  • gnutella-svc
  • gnutella-rtr
    • peer to peer protocol
    • computers running this software are both client and servers

Domain Name System

  • Internet Protocol Address(IP Address)
    • Current IP Addresses take the form or
    • Future ones take the form of fe80::211:9ff:fe61:4327/64
  • DNS
    • Created in 1983
    • Like a phone book. Give it a name it will give you a number.
    • Names can be purchased from a lot of different registrars between $6.95-$60 per year
  • TLDS
    • the orignal availiable TLDs:
      • .com
      • .edu
      • .gov
      • .mil
      • .net
      • .org
    • current non-sponsored unrestricted gTLDs:
      • .com
      • .info
      • .net
      • .org
    • .name for use by individuals
    • .pro is restricted to those with professional credentials
    • .biz is restricted to for profit uses
    • Many country code tlds are availiable for sale

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< Web Servers And Web Pages >

Where Does One Put A Website?

  • ISP
    • May be free.
  • Hosting Providers
    • Lots of different services.
    • $4-$20 a month for basic site.
  • Free Hosting Site
    • Google Pages
    • Geocities
    • Social Networking Site

How A Webserver works

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Dynamic Sites must be programmed.
Client Side:
  • javascript
  • flash
  • java
Server Side:
  • php
  • python
  • perl
  • ruby
  • c#

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< Business >

On Line Sales


Keeping Track

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