HTML & CSS 101

Kyle Waters

President UGOTTA

HTML & CSS 101

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Hyper-Text Markup Language

  • Plain text files are an old standard often called ASCII.

Basic HTML File

White Space

  • Block level elements usually begin and end a line
  • Inline element typically do not


Images and Links

  • the src attribute of the img tag is used to tell the browser where to look for the saved image file
  • the alt attribute of the img tag is often used by screen readers for the blind
  • the href attribue of the a tag is used to tell the browser where to go when the link is clicked on
  • you do not need to use http when using href if you don't use http the browser will search for the file relative to your server


  • the container classes are primarly used for css rules


  • you should not use tables to layout your whole page
  • you can use multiple tbody tags to seperate the table into different section for easy formatting
  • more html tags:

Cascading Style Sheets

  • CSS was not an original part of HTML so there are other ways of doing these things left over from old HTML versions
  • the div and span tags exist primarly so you can apply CSS rules to them

Three Ways of Using CSS



  • more properties:
  • Box Model

    • you can use border-left, margin-top, etc for each part of the box model


    • forms can be mailed to an email address or posted, or sent via get to another webpage

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    Website Scripting

    • scripting can be thought of as a simplier form of programming

    Client Side Scripting

    • javascript was originally called lightscript, it is not really related to java
    • javascript is part of all major browsers and is also called emcascript
    • javascript is widely used on many sites, especially by google
    • flash is popular for videos and games
    • java is a full fledge programming language and is often use for internal web applications
    • flash and java bother require that the user has a plugin installed


    Server Side Scripting


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