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U.G.O.T.T.A. is a group in the Salt Lake City area dedicated to promoting freedom of expression online. We do this by providing tools and resources such as this web site, mailing lists, and meetings. Our mailing list and meetings are to help people learn how to use the Internet to communicate more effectively.

Upcoming meetings:
  • Apr 28th -- 7:00pm Salt Lake City Library -- Computer Hardware - The Basics
  • May 26th -- 6:30pm Salt Lake City Library -- An introduction to running your own website

The resources availiable on this website include:
  • Calendar -- Online calendars are a cheap way to let a lot of people know about your event. Scheduled UGOTTA meetings are listed here.
  • Forums -- Forums allow users to start threads and reply to threads started by other people. This is a good way to start a conversation on a topic.
  • Blogs -- Blogs are used by people who wants to have their own personal place to start threads. You can start threads on any topic or focus on one topic.
  • Wikis -- Wikis allow a group to collabrate on a webpage. One of the most famous wikis is wikipedia.
  • Mailing lists -- This website has a program called mailman which makes it easier for organizations to maintain email lists of their members.
  • Websites -- While there are many tools such as blogging software and wikis which allow people to express themsevles and collobrate some people just want a static page to say what they want.
  • IRC -- Internet Relay Chat is an internet protocol which allows people to form chat rooms (called channels).
  • Jabber -- An instant Messenging protocol used by Google Talk, users can create accounts on this server and use it to chat to others on the UGOTTA server.
  • Presentations -- We hold weekly meetings on various topic related to using the internet to communicate. The slides from those presentation can be viewed online.

If you are interested in using any of these services contact: unum@ugotta.org

This site is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.